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Fall is the perfect time for dates and outings with your significant other! When I met my fiancé we really started to get to know each other during the fall and even recreated some of these dates ourselves with a bit of imagination and some fun. If you’re looking to spice up your relationship this fall more than a pumpkin spice latte, you have to try these date ideas that are perfect for college students on a budget.

  1. Make decked out hot chocolate with all the trimmings
  2. Take photos together with the changing leaves
  3. Shop for new fall clothes with a $30 budget each
  4. Paint pumpkins
  5. Taste all the new pumpkin flavored food
  6. Visit a sunflower field
  7. Bake your favorite fall goodies
  8. Visit an apple orchard and pick your own apples
  9. Go to a fall festival
  10. Cook dinner out on a campfire
  11. Visit a book store and write notes in your favorite books
  12. Play your favorite board games in a game night
  13. Visit a candle store and smell all your favorite fall scents
  14. Buy matching plaid shirts
  15. Make a tie blanket together
  16. Sit on the porch and drink coffee
  17. Find a new hiking trail
  18. Binge a new Netflix show
  19. Tailgate a football game
  20. Go for a bike ride
  21. Make homemade popcorn balls
  22. Go mini golfing
  23. Visit an art museum
  24. Visit a brewery
  25. DIY your own Halloween costume
  26. Have a scary movie marathon
  27. Explore your local library
  28. Have a video game marathon
  29. Have a lazy day indoors
  30. Visit your local farmers market
  31. Spend the day in the garden
  32. Go bobbing for apples
  33. Make cinnamon rolls for breakfast
  34. Make your favorite crockpot recipes
  35. Make your own apple cider
  36. Visit a pumpkin patch
  37. Take a weekend camping trip
  38. Go night swimming
  39. Host a bonfire
  40. Visit your favorite antique shop
  41. Have a picnic
  42. Lay under the stars
  43. Take a tour of all the pretty falls trees in your neighborhood
  44. Have a chili cook-off
  45. Go to a petting zoo
  46. Go on a tractor ride
  47. Build a blanket fort
  48. Attend a drive-in movie
  49. Write out what your thankful for
  50. Visit garage sales

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